What our customers think!
"While building a company image I fealt is was very important for us to have apparel for brand
recognition. I researched a few avenues for work T-shirts and embroidery for our business attire. I
chose to work with Elegant Embroidery because I was so impressed by the service, experience and
professionalism. Their quick turn around time keeps me coming back. Thank you for your great
products". Tom Miller - Dog Gone It Yard Duty.
It is a pleasure to work with a company whose mission is to consistently exceed client expectations
and you were successful in achieving that goal with us.    Working with our new owners on their
apparel needs removed the burden from our staff and allowed us to focus on the critical aspects of
opening new restaurants.  
Suppliers that are easy to do business with and understand the value of client support, timely
delivery and competitive pricing will be the supplier of choice for
Cleats Club Seat Grille.  I believe
Elegant Embroidery fits the criteria.   We see nothing but a bright future ahead and look forward to
continuing our relationship into the future